InsuraSphere Bureau Reporting Services

"We try to outsource functions that are not strategic to our business…bureau reporting is not strategic, so we use IDP’s reporting services. They do it better than we could, at a lower cost, and they give us the option to fine-tune the bureau data so it doesn’t affect our own internal databases. I really can’t see any reason for insurance companies to do their own reporting."

"What I value about our long term relationship with IDP is that I don’t have to think about bureau reporting issues; we rely on IDP for timely and accurate reporting. We also appreciate their helpfulness in responding to ISO when the need arises. In short, we don’t worry about bureau reporting issues."

"The most important criteria we look for in outsourcing partners are expertise and knowledge in a particular area. IDP clearly has the expertise in bureau reporting; their practical understanding of insurance operations and specifically our distribution model has been an added value. We are confident IDP will enable Imperium to meet our reporting requirements on a timely basis."

...the trusted leader in bureau reporting for over 60 years.

Increase productivity and free up your staff for more profitable activities with the InsuraSphere Bureau Reporting Service

"Just keeping up with the constant rule changes a full time job"

Save Money, Increase Productivity, Reduce Errors!

With IDP at your side, you’ll reduce the cost of bureau reporting, provide more satisfying work for your staff and minimize the back and forth with the bureau to correct errors.

5 reasons why you should outsource your reporting to IDP’s Bureau Reporting Services:
  • We save you money! No carrier can do bureau reporting as effectively as IDP.
  • IDP proactively monitors changes to bureau reporting requirements.
  • IDP interacts with the bureau on your behalf, answering questions and resolving issues.
  • IDP eliminates filing penalties.
  • IDP frees up your staff so they can focus on growing your business.

Do what you do best, we’ll do the rest

We report personal and commercial lines to multiple bureaus (ISO, NISS, SFAA, and many more) written in all 50 states and Puerto Rico for any size carrier. Having served many insurance companies, we know we can save you money and allow your staff to work on tasks that add value to your company.

There is a better way to handle bureau reporting, a necessary job that produces no revenue and can incur heavy fines if not done accurately and in a timely fashion. Successful companies focus on their customers and agents, not on non-revenue generating activities. Companies have found that bureau reporting is one of the best tasks to outsource, and IDP's Bureau Reporting Service frees up your staff and saves you money!

We’ve been providing bureau reporting services to the property and casualty insurance industry for over 60 years. Led by our team of insurance and IT experts, our tools and experience save you from distractions, worries, penalties and higher costs. That’s because helping property and casualty carriers become more profitable is the goal of IDP.

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